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18 October 2016 @ 01:33 am
#1: LOVE - Arashi  

Title: LOVE
Artist: Arashi (嵐)
Released Date: 23 October 2013
Label: J Storm
Catalog Number: JACA-5373 (Limited Edition)


  1. Ai wo Utaou (愛を歌おう)

  2. Sayonara no Ato de (サヨナラのあとで)


  4. Hit the floor

  5. P・A・R・A・D・O・X

  6. sugar and salt

  7. Breathless

  8. 20825-Nichi-me no Kyoku (20825日目の曲)

  9. Rock Tonight

  10. Endless Game

  11. Calling

  12. Yozora e no Tegami (夜空への手紙)

  13. Dance in the dark

  14. Starlight kiss

  15. FUNKY

  16. Tears

LOVE is the twelfth studio album of the Japanese boy band. The album was released on October 23, 2013 under their record label J Storm in two editions: a limited edition and a regular edition. The regular edition comes with a 32-page photo lyrics booklet, while the limited edition comes with a 60-page photo lyrics booklet and a bonus DVD with a music video for "P・A・R・A・D・O・X". The album sold over 670,000 copies in its first week and became the best-selling album of 2013 in Japan. (source: Wikipedia)

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